How Financial Services are Banking on the Future of AI

The potential of AI technologies in the banking, asset management, fund industry and finance industry is monumental, AI is not only revolutionising…

Ben Maxim

Chief Digital Strategy & Innovation Officer

MSU Federal Credit Union

Ben Maxim joined Michigan State University Federal Credit Union in 2007 and currently serves in a dual role as Chief Digital Strategy and Innovation Officer for MSUFCU and as Chief Technology Officer for MSUFCU’s wholly-owned CUSO Reseda Group. He is responsible for assessing emerging business trends and technologies, providing strategic direction for existing and future digital channels, and facilitating innovation throughout the Credit Union including leading their innovation centre The Lab at MSUFCU. He is also responsible for the technology and product pillars of Reseda Group and its subsidiaries including Spave, Ever Green 3C, Foresight Group and M3 Group. Maxim began work initially as a Web Developer and in 2014, he became E-Commerce Manager before moving into roles including Assistant Vice President of Software Development. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and a professional certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Stanford University. Maxim was honoured as Finopotamus’s 2022 Tekkie Awards Technologist of the Year.