What role should Nuclear Energy play in the green energy mix?

Is there a possibility for the global community to overcome the challenges of climate change and energy poverty to reach a brighter…

Dr Shannon Bragg-Sitton

Director, Integrated Energy & Storage Systems Division

Idaho National Laboratory

Dr. Shannon Bragg-Sitton is an internationally recognized pioneer in the innovative application of nuclear energy alongside other clean energy generators, seeking to maximize energy utilization, generator profitability, and grid reliability and resilience through systems integration.
Since 2021, Shannon has served as the Director for the Integrated Energy & Storage Systems Division in the Energy & Environment Science & Technology Directorate at Idaho National Laboratory, which includes Power and Energy Systems, Energy Storage and Electric Transportation, and Hydrogen and Electrochemistry departments. In 2014 she helped establish the DOE Office of Nuclear Energy Integrated Energy Systems (IES) program (https://ies.inl.gov), serving as the program National Technical Director from 2014-2023. The IES team has developed novel modeling and simulation tools for technical and economic assessment of multi-input, multi-output IES and supporting experimental capabilities. Shannon is also the Chair of the Generation IV International Forum (GIF) Task Force on Non-electric Applications of Nuclear Heat (NEANH). Shannon has held multiple leadership roles in DOE Office of Nuclear Energy programs since joining INL in 2010, including program leadership for space nuclear power and propulsion systems, advanced nuclear fuels, used fuel disposition, and microreactor development. Dr. Bragg-Sitton holds a PhD and MS in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Michigan, an MS in Medical Physics from the University of Texas at Houston, and a BS in Nuclear Engineering from Texas A&M University