Governing Digital Skills: Bridging the Gap Between Enterprise and Government

Despite the digital push across industries, there is a substantial gap between the strategy of enterprise and government. Educating people about disruptive…

Elina Lam-Gal

Director of Learning and Workforce Transformation


Elina is deputy director of Learning and Workforce Transformation at PUBLIC, where she leads PUBLIC’s suite of workforce transformation programmes, including those delivered through the PUBLIC School of Technology, and those integrated into PUBLIC’s wider transformation work. She is programme director of Innovation in Defence, a pan-Defence, three-tier innovation training programme that equips innovation practitioners with the methodologies and toolkits for discovery driven learning, in addition to an executive leadership development programme that equips leaders with the tools and strategies to enable the conditions for innovation success across their organisations.
In both professional and personal life, Elina is passionate about delivering the best public services for citizens, and in how, in the digital age, we can unlock innovation, performance and human development through evidence-informed, people-centred workforce and learning programmes.
Before joining PUBLIC, Elina led curriculum and learning design for Unlocked Graduates, a leadership development programme contracted by the Ministry of Justice to recruit capable and ambitious graduates to work on the front line as prison officers, with the goal of driving innovation and change with individuals in custody and sector-wide across prisons. Previously, Elina led learning design and testing for an EdTech product; a national literacy acceleration programme and designed and delivered related training for hundreds of schools across England with the goal of closing the attainment gap, and ensuring that every child is able to fulfil their academic potential.