Exploring New Horizons – Working in the Metaverse

It is estimated that in 5 years’ time the average human will spend 3.7 hours a day in the metaverse, with Millennials…

Emma Ridderstad

CEO & Co-Founder


Emma Ridderstad is a co-founder and CEO of Warpin Reality, the Swedish virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and extended reality (XR) company, helping clients including H&M, Disney, and Ferrari, train staff, market products, and enter the metaverse. With demand for immersive technology solutions to corporate issues on the rise, Emma is helping businesses bring their strategy into 4D through innovative AR, VR and XR programmes.

Emma started her career in sales and marketing, having studied Business at IHM Business School, followed by Advertising and Modern Art at Hawaii Pacific University.
She worked as a Sales Manager for both Metro Nordic and Dagens Nyheter between the years 2009 and 2013 and as the Sales and Marketing Manager for Stampen Media partner until 2015 before making a pivot into AR and VR in 2016, founding Warpin in 2017.