How to Change the World through Code

We talk to leading thinkers who are building and investing in future technologies that drive sustainable development for women and girls in…

Lady Mariéme Jamme

World Economic Forum Young Global Leader- Founder and CEO of iamtheCODE- Chief Sustainability Officer


Lady Mariéme Jamme is a Senegalese-born, French-British businesswoman with more than two decades of business experience in technology and system change. Her global speeches on humanity and responsibility towards marginalized young girls have received several accolades.

She is the Founder and Chief Sustainability Offer of iamtheCODE, the first Afri-can-led global movement to mobilize government, the private sector, and philan-thropic foundations to advance STEAMD (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Design) Education. Her goal is to empower and enable 1 million girls and young women globally to become coders by 2030 and align with the UN 2030 Agenda. She recently founded Accur8 Global, a consultancy firm that helps companies embed ESGs into their overall business strategy by focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the “S” of the ESGs’. In 2023, she was named as one of the 100 Most Reputable Africans.

As a nominee of one of the BBC’s Top 100 Women, she was named twice on the UK Powerlist in 2017 and 2018 for Britain’s 100 most influential African and African Caribbean heritage people. She is the first Senegalese woman who made it to Antarctica. Lady Mariéme is also on the Board of Directorship of the World Wide Web Foundation (Founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee) and the ITU Generation Connect Visionaries Board. Recently, she has been welcomed by Generation Unlimited Unicef as a Global Leadership Council member. She is currently writing her first book to tell her story. The book will be a memoir of her painful journey. All proceeds will go to the iamtheCODE Foundation and young girls’ education in Africa.