Fireside Chat: Aston Martin F1 team & NetApp: Driving Performance in the (Green) Hybrid Cloud

Join Aston Martin F1 team’s Newman Auty and NetApp’s Matt Watts for an exhilarating fireside chat, where they reveal the winning formula…

Matt Watts

Chief Technology Evangelist


As CTE, Matt Watts provides guidance on NetApp’s overall strategy and technology solutions to a wide base of organisations and NetApp’s global partner community. Matt is also part of the marketing leadership team providing advice and guidance on technology, transformation, and sustainability.

Matt is frequently requested as a keynote speaker, having a way of combining his knowledge of the IT industry with anecdotes and stories that bring technology to life with witty, easily understandable examples.

Matt has held several positions at NetApp, and prior to that has managed a number of significant IT projects; managed System Engineers responsible for providing installation and onsite support; as well as overseeing IT outsourcing contracts. This experience has given him contact with all levels of Leadership enabling him to understand, communicate with and support clients with their IT and transformation strategies.

Matt Watts shares his experiences and industry learnings on his personal blog and on LinkedIn