Panel Discussion: Surviving or Thriving? Committing to Growth & Innovation at Speed

Business leaders looking into the future need to decide: are we surviving or thriving? Is it as simple as that? The UK…

Patrick Nommensen


TikTok Shop UK

Patrick Nommensen is General Manager of TikTok Shop UK, the platform’s full-service e-commerce solution. Joining ByteDance through the acquisition of in 2017, Patrick has held a number of senior roles in the business across product strategy, public affairs and now e-commerce.

Building up a wealth of experience that specialises in e-commerce, marketplace, social and consumer engagement, Patrick leads a team that advises merchants, creators and partners on the best strategies to turn the experience of discovery and community on TikTok into shoppable moments.

TikTok Shop is an innovative marketplace fully integrated into the TikTok platform, providing native ways for people to discover and shop with LIVE Shopping, In-Feed Video and Product Showcase. It’s a place where discovery turns into purchase for our community, all without leaving the app.