Scaling and Expanding: Why the UK is a Leading Opportunity Hub

Peter Bruce-Clark

Founder & General Partner

Kalytix Ventures

Peter is Founder & General Partner at Kalytix Ventures, a global impact venture capital platform based in London, UK, and Global President at StrongRoom AI, a leading medtech SaaS company based in Melbourne, Australia.

Before Kalytix, Peter was Partner at Social Impact Capital, a top impact-focused VC firm based in New York. A top-decile fund producing competitive venture returns, SIC invests in the “Best Ideas in Impact” by deploying an “Impact Arbitrage” strategy across sectors and challenge domains. SIC is backed by legacy VCs including Marc Andreessen & Chris Dixon, Peter Thiel, Phil Black, David Sacks, Rob Hayes, Matt Ocko & Zachary Bogue, along with family offices, RIAs, and fund-of-funds.

Prior to joining the firm Peter was Head of Business Development at Real Capital Innovation (acquired by Addepar), an investment technology platform backed by 8VC and Soros Fund Management. Peter started his career in Silicon Valley by creating an early-stage venture capital firm focused on high-impact areas of AI application, and institutional investor strategy consultancy, Kalytix Partners (acquired).

A leading theorist on private market impact investments, Peter has led research over the last decade on impact finance, collaborating with Oxford University, Stanford University, Planet Heritage, and White Sand Investor Group (Donnelley family). His publications include Impact investments: a call for (re)orientation (2021), widely endorsed by organizations such as the SEC and G7, and Sovereign Development Funds: The Governance and Management of Strategic Investment Institutions (2018), which was published in The Oxford Handbook of Sovereign Wealth Funds.

In addition to his work, Peter is a volunteering Ambassador to the Rockefeller family’s BankFWD initiative, which is focused on climate justice in global banking, and a Counsel Member of the Saïd family’s (Saïd Business School) Toucan Project, which cultivates future leaders from across the world. He is also a member of Rebalance VC, Impact Capital Managers, TTI and GBx.