Brian Robinson,
David Rabin,
VP & Chief Marketing Officer,
Elaine Stead,
Chief Investment Officer & Co-Founder,
Tribe Global VC
Patrick Nommensen,
TikTok Shop UK
Rupy Malizia,
Chief Transformation Officer,
HSBC Innovation Banking

Panel Discussion: Surviving or Thriving? Committing to Growth & Innovation at Speed

Business leaders looking into the future need to decide: are we surviving or thriving? Is it as simple as that? The UK is facing yet another challenge, a prolonged period of economic downturn; rising living costs, increased geopolitical instability and an ongoing energy crisis. All this uncertainty creates unrivalled challenges for business leaders.

At a time when such uncertainty reigns, what should be the business priority? Start-up collaboration? Venture building? Investment in innovation hubs? These sound like areas that many businesses cut back on at the first sign of recession, so why are so many opting to continue investment and resource into these? Is innovation the key to success even in difficult times?

Join us as we hear from business leaders on their priorities for growth and the role corporate innovation is playing in their success.