Hilmar Veigar Petersson,
CCP Games
Isabel Perry,
VP of Emerging Technology,
Kristian Segerstrale,
Super Evil Megacorp
Mundi Vondi,
Co-founder & CEO,
Klang Games
Sir Ian Livingstone CBE,
General Partner,
Hiro Capital

Probing Reality and Myth in the Metaverse & Web3 – What does it mean for you?

While buffeted by the recent market downturn and bankruptcies, digital assets and the technologies underlying them, the potential remains to transform business models across sectors.

This session will explore key questions about the future:

  • Online universes, virtual reality, digital freedom? What makes a metaverse a true metaverse?
  • How will the metaverse and web3 help drive economic and sustainable value for business?
  • How do we navigate a world that is still taking shape? A need for greater clarity on the regulatory picture for Web3 is a priority