Ashley Ramrachia,
Co-Founder & CEO,
Charlotte Ibbotson,
Director of Talent,
Wiley Edge
Maureen Dunne,
Senior Advisor and SEND Expert,
Lego Foundation Play for All Accelerator
Nick Adams,
VP, Partners,

The Recruiting Revolution: Novel Approaches to Tech Talent on A Global Scale

Sourcing different pockets of talent after the great resignation will be critical in gaining a competitive edge and achieving growth plans.

Organisations looking to recruit or expand globally need to look past the traditional signifiers of elite talent and turn their attention to the capabilities and soft skills needed for the role. Research shows that recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce will lead to different skills and ways of thinking, as well as new approaches to problem-solving.

To do this and more, companies will need to utilise human centred technology and implement the necessary adjustments to attract, recruit, develop and retain employees with different needs and how to become more confident in doing so.