2023 Cyber Security Talks, Keynote and Panel Discussions

At London Tech Week 2023, the focus on safeguarding digital realms against online threats was paramount, reflecting the complexity and urgency of defending against cyber risk in an era deeply intertwined with technology. The programme, rich with insights from keynote speakers and security experts, offered profound discussions on the strategies and innovations shaping the defense against cyber criminals. As we look towards London Tech Week 2024, the anticipation for another year of pioneering ideas and dialogues builds, promising to expand on the foundation laid by the previous year’s enlightening sessions.

Guy Podjarny
Poppy Gustafsson
Maria Enrica Angelone
Norval Scott
Alonso Bustamante
Martin Borrett
Rogier Fischer
Fahmi Fadzil
Dr Stephanie Simmons
George Freeman MP
Henry Ajder
Sachin Dev Duggal
Sophie Gray