2023 Tech Startup Talks, Keynote and Panel Discussions

London Tech Week 2023 was a pivotal gathering for business owners, startup founders, and innovators at the forefront of the digital transformation. As we anticipate the array of talks and panel discussions set to define London Tech Week 2024, reflecting on the rich tapestry of insights and narratives from the previous year provides valuable guidance for those looking to carve out a successful business in the tech landscape. These sessions offered a comprehensive look at developing innovative products, services, or platforms, driven by a keen business idea and the use of cutting-edge technology.

Sophia Tran
Sarah Munby
Bev White
Emily Koolen
Natasha Lytton
Tom Leathes
Ataer Arguder
Baran Kılıçer
Ozan Evren
Francine Lacqua
Rt Hon Sir Keir Starmer MP
Daniel Korski CBE
Deputy Minister Alex Bornyakov
Ataer Arguder
Kevin Holmes
Merve Zabci
Yigit Arslan
Adam Rimmer
Jason Wu
Karen Sandhu
Peter Bruce-Clark
Sonya Iovieno
Marco Costa
Tom Guy
Andie Rees
Gaurav Seth
Julie McKeen
Markus Trost
Mike Drew
Sarah Munby
Stephan Kuester
Eva Dimitriadis
Jannick Malling
Jeppe Zink
Luisa Alemany
Claire Mongeau
Olivia Brooks
Rupert Hayward
Nick Hungerford
Rana Yared
Saasha Celestial-One
Simon Beckerman