Abi Mohamed,
Head of Marketing and Business Development,
Extend Ventures
Emma Ridderstad,
CEO & Co-Founder,
Oyinkansola Adebayo,
CEO & Founder,
Niyo Group

Exploring New Horizons – Working in the Metaverse

It is estimated that in 5 years’ time the average human will spend 3.7 hours a day in the metaverse, with Millennials and Gen Z estimated to spend 4.7 hours a day. This session will cover the aspects of the metaverse that promise new possibilities for enterprises dispelling the myth that the metaverse is just for gamers.

The digital world is in a volatile state of evolution that is simultaneously overhyped and underappreciated, the lack of understanding has led to mixed responses to the emerging capabilities of Web3. Join us as we hear from digital transformation leaders about understanding the core features of this new digital wave and the potential disruption it could bring.