Enrico Bonadio,
Reader in Intellectual Property Law,
University of London City
Gordon Midwood,
CEO & Technical Co-Founder,
Anything World
Rob Fan,
Vishal Lugani,
Co-Founder & General Partner,
Acrew Capital

Future of Creative Work: How AI is Changing, Accelerating & Upending Creative Industries

Sweeping adoption of artificial intelligence poses a concern for creatives leaving many questioning whether AI will replicate and/or replace human creativity. Interestingly, a survey by Adobe revealed that there’s a general acceptance of AI tools amongst creatives because they have been developed to operate in closed domains where they can assist creatives rather than replace them.
Creatives can use AI to assist them with content creation/enhancement, data analytics, postproduction workflows and data compression. This explains why the gaming industry, immersive applications, advertising and marketing have been one of the biggest adopters of AI.
This session we will discuss how AI is changing the creative industries covering the good, the bad and the ugly of what new tools and technology can offer.