Aruj Haider,
Chief Digital and Innovation Officer,
Westminster City Council
Ayman Omar,
AVP – Commercial, Partnerships & Sales Academy,
Muniya Barua,
Deputy Chief Executive Oficer,
Simon Edward,
VP Marketing and Communications & CMO,

Panel Discussion: The Role of Skills in Driving Enterprise Digital Transformation

In the next two decades, 90% of jobs will require digital skills. Yet 87% of organisations currently have a skills gap or expect to have one in the coming years. Despite the fact that 85% of senior leaders have been involved in two or more major transformations in the last five years, two-thirds have experienced at least one underperforming transformation during this time.
While traditional training and education routes all have a role to play in closing the digital skills gap, a growing body of evidence indicates that applied learning – where skills are embedded in real-world settings – may be more effective in driving successful and scalable skills transformation. More employers are embracing applied learning by launching professional apprenticeships, which give employees the opportunity to gain vital skills and immediately apply them in the workplace.
Hear from leaders across the public and private sector as they explore ways to harness the power of real work experience to catalyse your organisation’s digital transformation efforts, building a culture of continuous growth – after all, the future of learning is working.